You may not know this about me, but this week marks my most fave holiday.

Yes, even more than Christmas, Thanksgiving or Diwali - I loves me Halloween!

I mean, what's not to love. 

Chocolate and candy bursting at the seams.

An opportunity to look like a complete idiot (if you'd like) - and get praised for it.....WATCH VIDEO

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What used to embarrass me, now makes me chuckle.

When friends would come over to my house, they'd expect my closets, pantry and drawers to be perrr-fect.

You know - everything aligned. No piles. No boxes of random stuff. Just perfect. 

So I would squirm when they'd open a closet only to be greeted by bags of who-knows-what scrunched up in a corner....WATCH VIDEO

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Isn't life distracting2014.10.12AvoidDistractions?

Seriously. We are ova-stimulated.  

If it's not Facebook, it's YouTube. 

If it's not email, it's voicemail.

If it's not a reminder, it's a text.

One of the things I get most distracted with is phone calls. (Yes, I'm still old school and actually pick up the phone. ;) 

It seems like just when I'm ready to sit down and focus on something, my phone rings. And I'm so tempted to answer it....WATCH VIDEO

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Is your family room where you gather most? Where you like getting comfy with a book, tv show, movie or family time? 

It is for me and my fam. 

It's where we end up every night after dinner.

Movies, magazines, boardgames, work, homework and the occasional dessert in there too.

But along with all those multi-functional uses, comes a whole lotta stuff....WATCH VIDEO

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Happy Halloween! 

Okay, I know I'm ahead of the game, but it is one of my favorite days of the year, so I like to start celebrating early. 

October is just a great month in general. Crisp days. Beautiful foliage. Creative costumes. ;) 

A change of seasons always prompts me to pause and reflect.

Like what I want...WATCH VIDEO

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I wanted to share an awesome email I received this week from a Lifer, (AKA: an amazing Life Is Organized subscriber), who lives in Perth, Australia.

She was inquiring about my latest program and whether she could participate in it (since I'm all the way in Tennessee, USA). 

And my response?

"Yes, of course! This is why I LOVE the internet!"...WATCH VIDEO


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