Don't you love feeling...good? 

I mean who doesn't, right?

Yet, we put ourselves in situations that make us feel anything but.

Like, for weeks I forced myself to go to a Pilates class when I'm so much more of a Zumba person. But everyone told me that's what I "should be taking." 

Like, you get wrangled into a committee and the truth is, you're really not into it at all. But you did it because you were "supposed to."...WATCH VIDEO

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Can we talk obsessions?

Is there something you're obsessed with in your home...or that you want to get for your home?

Mine are my bedsheets. (I've had them for almost two years and I'm still obsessed).

Seriously. My hubby can vouch for it.

We travel a good amount and whenever we spend that first night back at home, I feel the need to tell him how much I love our sheets....WATCH VIDEO

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This week I shot a bunch of new videos at my makeshift office/studio. 

And when my awesome videographer, Will, arrived, I was rearranging furniture and moving paper piles from my desk to make room for my props. (Cuz you know I've got a lot of those. ;) 

And when we were done and I was taking back my piles of paper, I started laughing - because I'd missed using the very tip I talk about in today's video....WATCH VIDEO

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Happy, happy 2015, my sweet friend! Hope you had a wonderful holiday season.

I took a major mental break which was so rejuvenating. But I really am so pumped to be back on track.   

I love the promise of the new year. New ideas, new hopes, new goals and new excitement. 

But what I hate is when it fizzles out just a few, short weeks later. So I'm all about setting things up for success to make sure that doesn't happen....WATCH VIDEO

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Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa! 

And Happy Everything!

No matter what you're celebrating, with whom, or where ever - from the bottom of my heart, I truly wish you happiness, peace and love.

As we wrap up 2014, really??, I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you.

Although I've been doing this for years, my heart still jumps every time I get a comment or an email....WATCH VIDEO

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23 days. 

23 days ago, the start of Thanksgiving break, seemed like plenty of time to order my online gifts. So I worked on other things like getting out our holiday cards and house decorations.

Last weekend still felt like weeks to go, so I put off the shopping - again.

Guess what I did this Saturday? Finally sat down to order my holiday gifts, as I was banking on Amazon Prime to get my shipments here by Tuesday....WATCH VIDEO

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