Remember what it was like to move into a larger space? You know, like from a dorm room into an apartment? Or from an apartment to a home?

You had all this extra room and storage and your first thought was..."what am I going to do with all this space?"

And before you knew it, you had more stuff than you knew what to do with and wondering, "where did all this come from?!" 

It's only natural. You want furniture and decor to fill your rooms....WATCH VIDEO

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Do you remember that feeling when you organized your closet? Your pantry? Your underwear drawer? Or whatever the last space was that you took action on?

It felt gooo-ooood.

And you were all like: "I'm never gonna let that space get messy again." Then you took one last look at that breathtaking area before strutting your amazing don't-mess-with-me self out of there.

You were confident. Poised. Brilliant....WATCH VIDEO

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Are you wrapping up this year with a getaway?

Whether it's an overnight trip to your grammy's or a two-week escape to the Caribbean, packing can be overwhelming. 

And it doesn't matter if you're packing for one or for five. There's a lot to think about.

Like coordinating different outfits and thinking about the weather, while not overpacking....WATCH VIDEO

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You may not know this about me, but this week marks my most fave holiday.

Yes, even more than Christmas, Thanksgiving or Diwali - I loves me Halloween!

I mean, what's not to love. 

Chocolate and candy bursting at the seams.

An opportunity to look like a complete idiot (if you'd like) - and get praised for it.....WATCH VIDEO

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What used to embarrass me, now makes me chuckle.

When friends would come over to my house, they'd expect my closets, pantry and drawers to be perrr-fect.

You know - everything aligned. No piles. No boxes of random stuff. Just perfect. 

So I would squirm when they'd open a closet only to be greeted by bags of who-knows-what scrunched up in a corner....WATCH VIDEO

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Isn't life distracting2014.10.12AvoidDistractions?

Seriously. We are ova-stimulated.  

If it's not Facebook, it's YouTube. 

If it's not email, it's voicemail.

If it's not a reminder, it's a text.

One of the things I get most distracted with is phone calls. (Yes, I'm still old school and actually pick up the phone. ;) 

It seems like just when I'm ready to sit down and focus on something, my phone rings. And I'm so tempted to answer it....WATCH VIDEO

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