You know what cracks me up?

People think that because I'm organized I must be crafty. (I'm gonna give Martha Stewart the credit for that one). 

But it couldn't be farther from the truth. 

I can't sew. Never used a glue gun. And I have no craft supplies. 

But I am creative. :) ...WATCH VIDEO

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This month I've been running an awesome Organization Challenge on FB. (By the way, if you haven't joined yet, you can jump on it right here). 

Every day I give one focused task to declutter or simplify.

I love motivating others - but I'll be honest - it's really helped light a fire under my butt, too. I've finally taken care of some areas I've been procrastinating forever. 

Sometimes a quick motivational vid from a friend (like yours truly ;) is exactly what you need....WATCH VIDEO

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Like taking care of yourself isn't hard enough, right?

Add on kids, a hubby (or wife), or any other family member and you're easily drowning.

To be honest, I was never an organized person. Neat, but not organized. But I got along just fine on my own.

It was when I started a family that things started swirling out of control. So many schedules to keep track of and OMG! - SO. MUCH. STUFF!...WATCH VIDEO

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Do you struggle with managing your time?

You're not alone. A lot of people ask me why they have such a hard time getting things done. 

And when they explain their situation, I realize the issue is with getting distracted.

Which in our world of instant notifications and buzzes, dings or beeps going off on our various gadgets - is an easy thing to do.

It's even hard to have a conversation anymore without getting interrupted or feeling like you need to check your email every few minutes....WATCH VIDEO

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Don't you love feeling...good? 

I mean who doesn't, right?

Yet, we put ourselves in situations that make us feel anything but.

Like, for weeks I forced myself to go to a Pilates class when I'm so much more of a Zumba person. But everyone told me that's what I "should be taking." 

Like, you get wrangled into a committee and the truth is, you're really not into it at all. But you did it because you were "supposed to."...WATCH VIDEO

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Can we talk obsessions?

Is there something you're obsessed with in your home...or that you want to get for your home?

Mine are my bedsheets. (I've had them for almost two years and I'm still obsessed).

Seriously. My hubby can vouch for it.

We travel a good amount and whenever we spend that first night back at home, I feel the need to tell him how much I love our sheets....WATCH VIDEO

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