top-20-organizers-2013-sealIf you’re tired of being overwhelmed with never ending clutter, endless commitments, demanding
relationships, stressful careers, lingering projects, ongoing family drama and infinite roles, (did I mention the clutter??), you’re in the right place sister.

I’m Mridu (Mri-thu), proud mama of two, award-winning Organization Coach and passionate Simplicity Expert.

In other words…


I love dishing out simple ideas to keep your home and family joyful, manage your time, reach your goals, and feel calm. (AKA: A little piece of Heaven).

If you want to kiss clutter good bye, kick bad habits to the curb and have more time EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. — below are my best free tools.

Just click on the area you want to tackle most (or go through ’em all). Welcome to stress-free, happy living.

P.S. Be prepared for my quirky sense of humor. Living simply is a journey – but I’m all about having fun along the way.

And In Case You Want To Know About My Story…

Taking care of myself wasn’t that tough. Living in 400 square feet in NYC, a girl can do just fine with a wardrobe and a wine rack.

But add a husband, two boys, three moves, a home, and a new business, and life wasn’t exactly smooth sailing.

Still there were two things I knew for sure.

#1. I needed to be happy, or what was the point?

#2. Happiness comes when you take action and make change.

So I’ve spent the last ten years on a mission of personal growth and self-transformation. But there’s been a lotta baggage to deal with. I’m talkin’ about:

  • the physical kind.  books, boxes, papers, memorabilia, clothes, shoes, furniture
  • the emotional kind.  am I a good mom? can I really throw out photos? why do I always feel guilty?
  • the mental kind.  how do we spend the holidays? where can I find another hour? am I really fulfilled in life?



I motivate women who are tired of feeling overwhelmed, chaotic, stressed out and are ready to get over the drama. I simplify your over-complicated life so you have more time for the people and things you love.

Simple systems coupled with my quirky sense of humor could mean:top-20-organizers-2013-seal

  • Setting a goal and reaching it (imagine that!)
  • Re-jiggering your schedule so you have more time with your kids
  • Getting rid of clutter that stresses you out and overwhelms you
  • Being more productive at work and reaching your career goals
  • Breaking down a complicated system and making it really simple
  • Taking control of your personal life like relationships, health and money
  • Using an item in your home in a new way

If you’re running in circles but not getting anywhere (hamster wheel visual please) you might just need a kick in the pants to jump off and try things a little differently.

I have a gift for simplifying the way you think and act so you achieve more of what matters to you. And when that happens, your confidence goes through the roof, giving you more freedom in your time, space and energy. It’s like 50 pounds off your shoulders!

And you should know that I don’t have matchy-matchy containers or color coded files and my house will never be in a magazine. (I’m just not “that organizer.”)


Yet I’m proud to say that our life generally runs smoothly. (Well, maybe not Monday mornings!)

But with simple systems and clarity we quickly realign – which means more time for wine, zumba, snuggles and other pleasures I can’t live without.

If you want to live simply, confidently, passionately and happily too, then look no further because you’ve found your happiness soul sister. Muuaahhh! -Mridu

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