What do you tackle first?

Where does stuff go?

How do you make the time?  

The secret is simplifying. Breaking things down into bite size, easy to digest steps – while having a great attitude.

And I’m here to show you how it’s done.

These are my online home organization workshops. Designed so you do them at your own pace, on your own schedule, and in your favorite pj’s. Holy simplification. See, you’re already learning! 😉

Power House Ultimate

You’ve been at this “organization thing” for too long and are ready for a true transformation. You’re sick of feeling overwhelmed about everything you need to get done, all the time. This is the SIMPLE SYSTEM for eliminating clutter, getting totally organized and being more productive than ever. THIS IS FOR YOU IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR LONG TERM ORGANIZATION.

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Simplify Me!

You know you’re making things more harder than they need to be. This course will help you eliminate your over complicated way of doing things, and put ease and simplicity into your home and life. THIS IS FOR YOU IF YOU NEED A QUICK AND DIRTY PICK ME UP TO MAKE THINGS BETTER RIGHT NOW.

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Decluttering Made Simple

This course will teach you: Why you hold and how to let go, what space to start with, how to declutter even if you’re totally busy and have no time, how to not feel guilty about eliminating things, how to get QUICK results, how to get rid of more clutter in a few weeks than you have in months…and so much more!

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