(Seriously, Relax. You’re Entering a Stress-Free Zone.)

I’m Mridu, (Mri-thu), proud mama of two, passionate business owner and last I checked, keeper, knower and doer of all things in my home, office, family, and schedule – trying to imperfectly balance it all.

How? By simplifying every part of my life. I’m talking everything. My stuff. My calendar. My systems. And my expectations.

And I’d love to help you shed the stuff, squash the anxiety and be happier too. (No one should be doing this alone).

In fact, here’s my first easy-peasy lesson for you. To “get organized” you need to know this:

Step 1: Simplifying Comes First

That means purging: clutter, physical items, commitments, perfectionism, overwhelm and complicated systems.

Step 2: Organizing Comes Second

That means fitting the fabulous things you’ve selected into the space and schedule you have – not the one you wish you had.

Because if you don’t simplify first, you keep re-organizing clutter in your space, brain and schedule and your situation doesn’t change.

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