How you spend your time directly impacts your success. Ambitious people like you lose up to three hours a day due to distractions, interruptions, poor concentration and overwhelming to-do lists. This means lost time, more stress, and less than stellar performance. And that’s frustrating because you know you’re capable of so much more.

My presentations empower you with straight-talk strategies to get more done, make more money and focus on what really matters – while feeling less overwhelmed. I’d love to see how we can work together for your next event.


My Style

My goal is to make your event successful and your job easy. As an experienced professional Keynote or presenter I break down overwhelming ideas into simple steps so attendees take immediate and powerful action. Through stories, humor and a dose of tough love, your audience will stay engaged, listening and motivated well beyond the session.

“I’ve heard at least 100 talks on productivity and time management over my career. Mridu’s was the most impactful with the easiest, most simple advice I’ve heard.”  – Jennifer L., TekLinks

Speaking Topics

I speak on topics related to productivity, time management and organization. In my keynotes, trainings and workshops, I offer practical solutions to feeling overwhelmed or unfocused by demanding roles and schedules. Here are a few of my topics to help your audience reach their goals, dominate their day and work free from distractions.

Focus Is The New Productivity: Are you busy, busy, busy all day long, yet at 5pm left wondering, “What did I get done today?” Mridu understands the daily demands on your time in a world full of increased distractions, limited resources and too much to do. Join her in this motivational talk that will leave you inspired to use tools, strategies and insights to:

  • Focus on revenue generating activities
  • Reach and surpass your goals
  • Avoid distractions and focus on what matters most

How Effective Leaders Spend Time: Leaders are overwhelmed by balancing their day-to-day operational responsibilities, while finding the time to work their teams, and think about strategy and planning. Mridu identifies three key practices that will enable leaders to:

  • Focus on their high value activities
  • Boost productivity
  • Overcome procrastination

Insanely Productive Meetings: It’s estimated that 34% of meetings end up as wasted time and the average meeting wasted cost is $150-$350 per hour. Meeting heavy cultures leaves little time to focus on getting work done and building critical skills for teams and organizations. In this session attendees will walk away with an understanding of:

  • How to get the most employee engagement out of a meeting
  • Techniques to reach goals and valuable outcomes in each meeting
  • Core types of effective meetings: re-thinking the current meeting model

I’m happy to talk about customizing my presentation to meet your specific needs.


“Rarely can you find a speaker who can take on a technical subject and not only make it fun and easy to understand but also allow you to leave with the tools and confidence to do it yourself. Mridu is that gem! If you’re looking for a speaker who can teach, motivate, and inspire…all while providing a laugh or two (honestly I think I snorted at least once or twice) then Mridu is a fantastic choice!”  – Vanessa Hayes, Simple Life Together

Wow! A life changing 30 minutes. I didn’t want it to end! – Jean Kurtz, Financial Advisor

Mridu came in and set our whole year in motion with great momentum! Her framework for focus and productivity left us feeling empowered to take charge of our days. – Suzie L., Williamson Chamber of Commerce

Just letting you know I tried your tips this morning for the first time and man…I got so much done! I have to admit – I thought they wouldn’t work in my situation, but I have so many less emails at the end of the day and feel much more relaxed. Thank you! – Claire C., A. Marshall Family Foods

“I often read articles about time management and rarely come across anything novel. Mridu offered new concepts that have changed how I handle paperwork, email, and language when responding to people who make demands on our time.” – Laura McLeod, Vanderbilt University

“I was so jazzed after one of Mridu’s talks that I could not help but share with my co-workers that I had just come back from the most inspirational talk. Using her tips, I got more accomplished than I ever thought I could!” – Molly Elliott, Business Development Manager

Recent Speaking Engagements Include:

Thanks you for considering me for your event. I consider it a privilege every time I have the opportunity to get in front of an audience and make an impact.

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