It Happens To Good People

top-20-organizers-2013-sealBuried in information, follow-ups, emails, offerings, team roles and next steps, your lists are a mile long. Pile on the endless strategies, social media, and contradicting advice — and it’s no wonder you’re in confusion. Either drowning in it – or – paralyzed by it.

You’re capable, smart & driven. So why do you feel overwhelmed?

You need to figure out your priorities and bring structure to your day. So you stop treading water and start making the impact you’re capable of.

Take a deep breath because you’re in the right place. In fact, you’re exactly who I had in mind when I created this space.

I’m Mridu (Mri-thu) Parikh, and I help ambitious people attract their dream life, by working with more purpose, focus and ease.

I’ve spent almost a decade as a Professional Organizer, in-home and coaching clients around the world. I wore every hat in my biz from marketing my services and building a global community, to creating profitable online products – before expanding my focus on reaching your goals at home to reaching your goals at work.

I help you focus your energy and actions on what impacts your life the most.

I’m obsessed with sharing success habits that allow you to take back control of your day, reach your goals, make more money and actually enjoy the process.

You can get anything you want when you know where your time and attention goes. I’d love to help you find success without feeling overwhelmed. If you want to learn more about how I partner with driven people like you in their business and life, email me at mridu@lifeisorganized or call me at 917-699-5495.

And In Case You Want To Know More About My Story…

Tucked away in my 400 square-foot abode, I knew I’d never leave NYC. And then he came along. And so did his job opportunity down South. Leave my 12-hour a day corporate marketing job to spend time with my son?  He had me at “Music City.”Parikh_141019_32

As a mom who hadn’t finished writing her wedding thank you cards I knew this was my opportunity to “get organized.” Little did I know the obsession that was about to unfold.

From Professional Organizer to Productivity Coach, my last ten years have been all things efficiency, simplicity and personal growth. Which means more time and space for my two sweet boys, him, wine, zumba, snuggles and other pleasures I can’t live without.

The official Bio


Mridu Parikh transforms careers and lives by helping ambitious people dominate their habits, time and goals. As a Productivity Speaker + Coach she teaches audiences around the country about overcoming procrastination, achieving their personal and professional goals, and squashing overwhelm.

Her strategies on streamlining tasks and mastering habits have been featured in The Huffington Post, US News & World Report, Good Housekeeping and many other media outlets, in addition to her own ROKU channel with over 200 videos on organization.

Named one of Nashville’s Emerging Business Leaders of 2015 and a Top 20 Home Office Organizing Expert of 2013, Mridu’s ten years of productivity experience brings truth to “work smarter, not harder” to drive motivation and propel your business and career.

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