PPWheelYou’re overwhelmed. Everything feels like a priority. You want to be more efficient but not sure how to do it while juggling so many demands.

When your employees, team or entire company feels this way – it’s in everyone’s best interest they get the training they need.

The Productivity Power Wheel is my holistic approach to reaching your goals, while releasing stress. This six-part framework to help you assess what’s working – and what’s not.

In my training, you’ll identify where you’re out of alignment and learn how to fill in your gaps, to add more value in less time everyday.

How Can This Work For You?

In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn your areas of alignment through a self-discovery process. You’ll walk away with concrete and doable steps to put into practice immediately by learning:

How to make simple shifts in your thinking + behavior that will change your relationship with time
How to stay focused on and reach your goals
Tips + tools to successfully manage each part of the productivity wheel
How to create a personal productivity + leadership plan you’ll apply immediately

I also offer a series of additional trainings provided on an ongoing basis including,


  • Meetings
  • Email Management
  • Communication
  • Workspace Organization
  • Personal Habits
  • Delegation
  • Prioritization
  • Systems & Processes
  • Workflow
  • List Making

*Additional one-to-one coaching sessions addressing individual needs and challenges are available to put learning from the training into action and create accountability.

“I really like that Mridu offers new ideas about how to manage my time more efficiently. I often read articles about time management and rarely come across anything novel. Mridu offered new concepts that have changed the way how I handle incoming paperwork and e-mail. I also liked that she provided language we can use when responding to people who make demands on our time. Overall the workshop was very practical and helpful. I highly encourage folks juggling multiple projects or roles to take Mridu’s workshop!” – Laura McLeod, Vanderbilt University

Let’s chat to see what works best for you and your team.